Terms and Conditions, Fees

Many of our clients come to us via referral from trusted third parties. Being in business for over 35 years, we are Ireland’s best known private investigation firm. We are including this section specifically because many people are not familiar with the costs associated with hiring and investigator and what the process is likely to entail.

Most people who have need of the services of a private investigator are unfamiliar with the work, concerned about the trustworthiness of the individual with whom they may be dealing and uncertain as to the possible outcomes of hiring such a person.

Our intention is to clearly outline what things we may be able to achieve for you in relation to any matter with which we are consulted. We will be honest and realistic as to the measures we will undertake, the likelihood of success and the likely timescale involved. We will be very clear about what we are committing to do and what we expect of you.

Before we undertake a client brief, we will always prepare a Statement of Work and a detailed quotation for services. The Statement of Work will outline the matter(s) which you are looking to address, the general measures which we intend to employ to achieving your objectives and the scale of costs. If the works are to be divided into phases - this will be clearly outlined and you will be able to cancel at any point without incurring additional fees if you no longer wish, for whatever reason, to continue the investigation. Your only obligation will be for works undertaken or expenses incurred to the point at which you wish to cancel.

Our briefing fee, retainer for the preparation of a Statement of Works will be discussed and agreed beforehand - so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises. You will be advised of the precise amount in advance of us commencing preparation of the SOW and conducting our preliminary meeting(s) with you to compile the key facts and objectives prior to the commencement of the investigation.

Our services will be invoiced per schedule advised in our statement of works either on a weekly or monthly in arrears basis. Payment is due within 15 days of invoicing. All fees will be quoted inclusive of VAT at the applicable rate. Expenses are invoiced to our client on a time and materials basis.

Our daily rates also vary according to a variety of factors including the complexity of the matters under investigation, the field of investigation, any special risks which may be associated, the likely duration and the timescale/urgency available to conduct the works. Costs will also be dependent on the number of investigators involved and whether, due to the nature of the enquiries, other specialists or sub-contractors may be required. We do commit to providing as clear a picture as possible via our statement of works as to (a) what we understand to be the matters to be investigated, (b) what your expectations or outcomes are, (c) the timescale and key activities and (d) the scheduled of costs. At all times we commit to providing an honest service at a fair price and to providing genuine value to our clients.