No Two Clients Are The Same

There is very little point in describing previous cases here. Firstly all matters dealt with are strictly confidential and will always remain so. It is in the nature of the profession that no two briefs are the same and each client’s needs are different.

So we have listed some of the general areas of work in the panel to the right - please contact us for further information as required.

In recent years, the firm of Liam A Brady has become particularly well known in the fields of Electronic Counter Measures and Trade Mark/Intellectual Property enforcement. The growth of the internet and the miniaturisation and reduction in cost of monitoring/bugging equipment has meant that many firms have legitimate basis for adopting an active policy with regard to securing information.

Liam A Brady works regularly in both Civil and Criminal Law cases. We are frequently introduced to clients by legal representatives to assist in discovery of facts. In addition to services provided directly by this firm, we also team up with sectoral specialists - for example forensic accounting or polygraph (lie detector) practitioners.

Our firm has a proud tradition in assisting investigative journalists on difficult cases to obtain evidence or validate information. Liam is a regular contributor to radio and television in relation to crime trends and security matters.

We have worked in the most sensitive areas of child abuse, child abduction and assisting parents or families to trace missing persons, runaways or individuals who have been inducted into sects or similar situations. This aspect of our work has sometimes proven disturbing. But it has also proven to be most satisfying to assist ordinary people with extraordinary challenges achieve closure in the most unimaginable circumstances.