Polygraphic Examination

Polygraph examination (commonly known as Lie Detector Test) is becoming more commonly used in certain forms of commercial investigation. There are a variety of legal issues relating to how and when such examinations take place and the manner in which they are conducted is key to whether the information gleaned may be used or relied upon subsequently.


The simple procurement of equipment to conduct such tests does not qualify one to undertake effective and legally sound examination. In the absence of fully trained and accredited practitioner one can only anticipate a myriad of issues to arise.

Liam A Brady can offer the services of an accredited examiner if necessary as part of an investigation. We only use longstanding accredited personnel who are fully up-to-date with the most recent equipment and methods. Polygraph examinations are commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • Validation of claims in criminal investigations
  • Verification of statements by witnesses or other parties
  • Internal investigations (e.g. security breeches, disclosures of proprietary information)
  • Screening of candidates for sensitive roles
  • Family/Marital (infidelity, truth verification or the refuting of false accusations)
  • Insurance claims investigation.