Debugging and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)

Electronic Counter Measurers is the science of locating technical surveillance equipment.

The manufacture, sale and use of both legal and illegal surveillance devices is a global multi-billion euro business. It has never been easier or cheaper for parties to adopt such devices as means of recording intelligence or gathering information. What was once a highly technical field and which incurred significant costs and risks has become commonplace. Devices are easily sourced via the internet with viable recording (video and audio) and tracking (GPS) available from under $100 through low thousands for very sophisticated instruments capable of maintaining hidden operation for months.

In addition to the various forms of technical surveillance are the myriad of computer related threats including keystroke loggers and trojan/rootkit installations on computers and networks. Again, much of this work was until recent times the stuff of high-tech novels and only conducted by agencies with three letter names. Nowadays, however there are many internet groups offering the necessary software at alarmingly low prices.

A substantial part of our corporate work involves consulting and advising on bugging techniques. Liam A Brady has worked with a number of telecoms companies to address internal and external threats from unwelcome monitoring of communications. We were also the sole security and confidentiality consultants on one of the biggest commercial license bids ever in Ireland - with a primary objective of ensuring that commercially sensitive information would not be accidentally or deliberately disclosed to competing entities. Within this field, it is unlikely you will come across a firm with longer and more in-depth expertise.

In particular mobile phones present one of the greatest threats and are also a key point of vital information in many investigations. Mobiles preserve contact details, call histories, SMS history, photographs. Much of this information may even be retrieved even though the owner believes it to have been deleted. Likewise modern smartphones offer many additional threats such as email and social network histories, recovery of account and password information, browsing history and the invisible monitoring of location information and all forms of communication.