Why Liam A. Brady?

Our firm has been investigating cases for over 35 years. We are properly incorporated, fellow members of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) and have campaigned vigourously for regulation and supervision within the profession.

We commit to preparing you beforehand for what may happen as a result of the investigation. We advise clients to reflect carefully on the motivation for considering our services. We ask clients to consider the follow-through - assuming that things are learned or proven, are they prepared to have suspicions confirmed and to deal with the inevitable consequences.

We provide a clear up-front indication of costs. Our work is time consuming and can rely on painstaking efforts on the part of a team. We commit to establishing clearly what can be reasonably expected, in what time and within what cost.

What you won’t find is cloak and dagger secrecy. Or unnecessary heightening of tensions or concerns. Our job is to have you rest easy, knowing we are looking out for your interests.